Welcome to Wyndover!

To those visitors who have followed us here and to the visitors who are new, welcome!

Our old blog was sadly out of date and on a even more out of date service, so it is time to reboot.  This should also make it easier to update in a more timely fashion.

If you are new to us, Wyndover is a photography company that covers a wide range of services.  We can work with you to do almost anything.  Up above should be the links to our sample galleries and list of services.  Please get in touch if you are interested, have any questions or even if you just like to geek out about cameras.

The future plans for this blog include:

- SCA event post write-ups

- Anime/Sci-Fi Convention write-ups

- Samples from family/children photoshoots

- Tutorials and guides

- Previews of upcoming specials (Watch for them, save money!)